They must make certain that –

  • Manuscripts should be reviewed and comments for improvisation of the text must be sent to the author.
  • A system of prompt notification to the author must be made in case of failure to review the manuscript.
  • Manuscript secrecy must be maintained and not be revealed to others.
  • Devoid of any personal reproach the arguments supporting the manuscript evaluation should be sent to the author under Neutrality.
  • The sources of the assessment must be acknowledged accordingly.
  • The reference citation is necessary for the research article. In case of missing, references author must be notified of the amendments or the source must be removed in case of non-availability during the cross Both the in-text citation and out-text citation must match and be reported in the manuscript.
  • In case of an overlap of the manuscripts with an existing research paper, the editor should be duly informed.
  • Such manuscripts creating a conflict of interest due to competitive assessment, connections, collective creation or institutional connection must be discarded.