• Authors will be notified of the manuscript receipt and we attempt to circulate the decision in under 90 days but may take a few additional days under varying situations.
  • All received papers are assessed by two reviewers and are also read by the Editor or Associate Editor. Results of our decision, along with copies of the reviews, are forwarded to the contact author as quickly as possible.
  • If required, the editor of the journal may ask for the list of reviewers from the author.
  • Reviewed manuscripts are sent to the authors if not rejected, then a letter of invitation to submit the revised manuscript will be sent to the author for possible consideration.
  • Authors will be given a specific timeline to submit the revised manuscript. Manuscripts go to publication floor only after the final review.
  • Published manuscripts are included in the online system and the physical print form.

Thank you for considering GBR as a publication outlet. We look forward to reviewing your research!